NaMato Collection: We invite you to journey with us.

Where timeless beauty meets conscious luxury.
The story behind our brand begins with a passion for art and design, a devotion to authenticity and creativity, and a quest for spaces that tell a story. Piece by piece.

Natalie Tiller is the creative visionary behind NaMato Collection, and an internationally achieved interior designer who creates highly bespoke environments that evoke a sense of place, personality, and connection. 

Natalie’s obsession with discovering and sharing beauty inspires her to canvas the world to bring you one-of-a-kind works by contemporary artists and designers, limited-edition collector pieces, handicrafts by artisans, and carefully selected vintage objects.

Inspired by the rich history of design from the color and patterns of early ancient Egypt to Late-Renaissance, to the flair and motifs of Art-Nouveau & Deco periods, and the streamlined sensibility of mid-century to modernist classics, every piece is handpicked with a focus on expression, craftsmanship and natural materials.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the beauty of timeless design and the power of creativity in elevating your interiors.
Allow us to share with you our vision for a world where beauty and purpose seamlessly converge.

Let the adventure begin!